4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pet

4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pet

Earth Day encourages everyone to appreciate the world around them and do something kind for the environment. Recycling, picking up trash, planting native species in your yard, and taking public transit or riding a bike instead of driving a car are all ways in which you can help the earth. This year, bring your pet along for Earth Day or do something with your pet that helps reduce strain on the environment. The following are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day with your pet and help make a difference in the world around you.

1. Recycle your gently used pet supplies

Most of us are guilty of hoarding stuff for our pets, even if they never use it. If you happen to have gently used bedding, leashes, toys, bowls, or other pet supplies your pets don’t use or just never liked, try recycling them! Animal shelters in Olympia are always in need of these items. Donating unused or gently used pet supplies to animal shelters keeps these items out of the landfill and helps the shelters with keeping pets comfortable and entertained.

2. Take your dog for a walk to your favorite pet-friendly brewery or restaurant

Check out the breweries and/or restaurants near you and see if they allow pets. If so, you can take your pet for a walk with the knowledge they’re prepared to serve you BOTH in a fun, pet-friendly environment. Walking means you can leave your car at home, everyone gets exercise, and you can enjoy time out without worrying about your cat at home. FYI, never give your pet beer, even if they beg.  If your pet ingests any alcohol, please reach out to our veterinary team at Oly Cats Veterinary Hospital.

3. Recycle and renew unused household items for your furry friend

There are lots of items around your house that can be turned into something new for your kitty. Take this Earth Day Opportunity and give one of these projects a try!

  • DIY sock toy: Sock toys are super easy to make. All you need is catnip (optional), poly-fill, and an old sock. Learn more here.
  • Recycled pillow pet bed: These DIY pet beds are not super fancy, but they are much more economical than buying one at the store. You can also make these beds for shelter pets who may not have the luxury of a cozy home or bed of their own. See how here.
  • Cardboard cat house or scratching post: There are tons of DIY cat house tutorials you can search for online, but most just require cardboard, scissors, and tape. Get creative and try making your cat something that will entertain them for hours on end!

4. Dispose of your pet’s waste

When taking your pet on walks or to the park, make sure you are prepared to properly dispose of your pet’s waste. Before leaving the house, consider bringing a pooper scooper or clipping one of those small recyclable poop bag dispensers to your furry friend’s leash.

When at home clean up droppings around the yard at least once a week. You can either flush them down the toilet or dispose of them in a secured baggie in the trash can. Pet waste composters are also available if you are interested.